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1. Seismic acquisition: technology, seismic design and operation

  • Marine acquisition: Advances in sources, ocean bottom nodes, streamers, long offset geometries, 4D survey design and more
  • Multi-physical acquisitions
  • Land acquisition equipment, methods, and survey design 
  • Applications for new energy market (CCS, Wind, Marine Minerals etc.)
  • Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS): Advances in the acquisition, processing, and applications for monitoring & reservoir characterization

2. Seismic data processing & Imaging

  • Cycle time reduction (ML, data compression, Cloud, etc) 
  • ML-based seismic applications for advanced imaging and VMB
  • Full wave field model building and imaging
  • Multi-parameter inversion for reservoir insights: current approaches and what's next?
  • Land and transition zone seismic imaging
  • Quantitative analysis of earth models’ uncertainty 
  • 4D Imaging for reservoir management
  • Sub-salt exploration and production monitoring

3. Seismic interpretation:

  • Machine Learning & Automatization techniques in seismic interpretation.
  • Quantitative Interpretation and AVO
  • Rock Physics constraints in seismic inversion
  • Monitoring

4. Shallow structure:

  • Integrating geophysical and geotechnical techniques for understanding shallow structures

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