A good oral presentation has a clear objective, a well-defined structure and uses clear and simple illustrations. 

Presentation Template

  • Please download the presentation template in which the usage of it is MANDATORY for all speakers. You may place your company logo on the front page of the presentation. 


Objective & Structure

Your objective defines what you wish to achieve with your presentation. To achieve a realistic objective you must consider the characteristics of your audience: their motives for attending your presentation, their interests, their knowledge level and their intentions. 

The structure of a good presentation is as follows: 

  • Define the subject, give a general outline and state the goals of your presentation in your introduction. 
  • Work out your presentation in more detail. 
  • Summarise and draw conclusions, which refer back to your introduction. 

Please be very careful that your presentation is scientific and not commercial. In addition, the company logo or trademarks are allowed only on the first page of the power point slides (videos and oral presentations). 

We recommend you to make an overview with the estimated timing of your presentation and to prepare yourself for questions from the audience. Rehearsal of your presentation is strongly recommended! Please note that presenting to a live audience can take a little longer than during a rehearsal.

It is important to adhere to the time schedule: 25 minutes in total per presentation (20 minutes speaking time and 5 minutes question time).

In-person Presentations

Generally, audience’s attention is high at the beginning of an oral presentation, will decrease and is at its worst about two thirds of the way through. When you reach the conclusion, their attention will increase again. You can help your audience to concentrate by:

  • restricting detail to a minimum
  • using variety in visual aids and tone of voice
  • maintaining eye contact and by summarising frequently.

Online Presentations

The session will consist of:

  • 20 minutes pre-recorded presentations and the recording must be sent to the organizer by Friday, 25 November 2022, latest ONLY in MP4 format.
  • Submission of pre-recorded videos are encouraged to the speakers. You may however choose if you would like to present live on the actual day given that your internet connection is great. 
  • 5 minutes QA with live audience at the end of the talk via Google Meets. The link will be shared with online presenters by Wednesday,30 November 2022

Tips and Tricks

There’s basically three key aspects to giving a great video presentation:

  1. The Technicalities
  2. What you say
  3. How you say it

The Technicalities:

  • Eliminate ambient noise: microphones are sound sensitive, and can pick up even tiny noise, therefore it's good to check the surroundings, close windows, mute your phone, alerts on your computer, etc. 
  • Lighting: It is advised to avoid bright (natural) light behind you or avoid sitting underneath a very bright light that will make your head shine and cause shadows
  • Background: White walls are encouraged, however don't be afraid of showing your natural environment like plants, paintings; as long as it's not too disturbing
  • Camera height: Best to have an angle where your entire face is shown from the same level, instead of having the camera too low. 

What you Say:

  • For some people speaking comes naturally, for others it's very helpful to practice the presentation before recording it.

How you Say it:

  • Speak clearly and not to speak too fast or too slow. It is not a problem if you make a mistake or forget a word, just rephrase what you wanted to say and continue with your presentation