2nd EAGE Workshop on Fluid Flow in Faults and Fracture - Modelling, Uncertainty and Risk

15 - 16 August 2023, Hotel Kurrajong, Canberra, Australia


This workshop will bring together a wide range of practitioners and stakeholders considering fluid flow in fractures and faults. Faults are often conceptualised as barriers and conduits for fluid flow by many different subsurface professionals. A key aim of the meeting will be to evolve workflows, and practices to better describe uncertainty and risks related to faults and fractures.

Broadly we are a wide range of geoscientists divided by a common language:

  • Faults are invoked as lateral barriers, lateral baffles and vertical conducts (fault transmissibility). 
  • Hydraulic conductivity is a combining porous continuum (permeability and porosity), fracture flow (transmissivity/storativity), and vuggy systems. 
  • Flow also occurs through, decommissioned wells/boreholes, abandoned mines, damage zones and collapsing subsidence regions (goaf).
  • There are issues related to terminology describing flow (reservoir/aquifer) and low flow units (seals/aquitards).
  • How can we better understand the containment and flow of multiphase, miscible and non-miscible fluids?
  • What is the link between stress, strain and flow? 

In general, these terms are sensibly used within industries but often make implicit assumptions. These assumptions can lead to cognitive bias. Looking across industries it is hoped that this workshop will help unify terminologies and processes.

*We regret to inform that the Field Trip has been cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. Registered participants will be notified soon. 


Luk Peeters

Principal Research Scientist

Victoria Fitzgerald

Offshore Storage and Regulatory Manager
The CarbonNet Project

Ben Clennell

Senior Principal Research Scientist

Geoffrey O’Brien

Chief Scientist

Tim Ezzy

Associate Director & Groundwater Team Manager
EMM Consulting

Gerhard Schöning

Director, Assessment and Modelling
Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA)

Noel Merrick

HydroAlgorithmics Pty Ltd

Doug Peacock

Technical Director

Peter Baker

Principal Research Scientist
South Australian Department for Environment and Water

Richard Cresswell

Principal Hydrogeologist
Eco Logical Australia

William (Bill) Power

Geoscientist / Consultant
Power Geoscience Pty Ltd

Victor Violante

General Manager, Policy & Advocacy
Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA)

*This page is updated as of 3 August 2023. Stay tuned for a full line-up of the workshop speakers.

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Event 15 - 16 August 2023
Location Canberra, Australia
Early Bird Registration Deadline 30 June 2023
Regular Registration Deadline 31 July 2023