2nd EAGE Workshop on Integrated Subsurface Characterization and Modeling



The oil and gas industry has been experiencing challenges of transformation in response to the Energy Transition. This transformation has been fast-tracked by current pandemic reinforcing the technology sector due to the propagation of digital tools, and new ways of working. The oil and gas industry is in need of pragmatic solutions to ensure a sustainable transition and being relevant. 

Subsurface Characterisation and Modeling is a niche skill set within the Upstream energy sector which is a delicate art of integrating geological science with the latest techniques and tools available in the industry. The digital office inevitably impacted the Reservoir Geosciences as it embraces new tools, techniques in reservoir modeling especially, but the challenges remain in production attainability and addressing subsurface uncertainties holistically and finding upside potential. Proper understanding of geological fundamentals, which has taken a back seat unfortunately of late, must be integrated, re-interpreted if needed with the innovative techniques. 

This 2-day workshop will focus on the state-of-the-art of subsurface characterization and modeling along with innovative solutions from digital proliferations with leading emphasis on geological science to improve recovery, finding new opportunities and also address Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) excellence. This workshop will also attempt to focus on the integration of core principles of geoscience and engineering analysis coupled with faster computing techniques to develop more predictive reservoir models through multi-disciplinary studies and case histories. 

Strategic Programme

Keynote Addresses

Dr. Mark Bentley

Geoscience and Training
Langdale Geoscience

Diana Abdul Rahman

Senior Manager – Reservoir Management & Development
ExxonMobil Kuala Lumpur Technology Center

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Important Dates

Workshop 12 – 13 November 2024
Call for Abstracts Deadline 14 July 2024
Early Bird Registration Deadline 31 August 2024

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