EAGE Conference on Seismic Interpretation using AI Methods - Going Beyond Machine Learning 

12 & 13 October 2021, Online


Interpreting seismic data requires an in-depth understanding of Geology. Additionally, the features, elements and amplitudes generated by Geophysical methods cannot be interpreted in isolation. If done manually, seismic interpretation is performed by a Geoscientist that has extensive geologic insights (depositional environment, analogues, structure and sedimentology) and uses this knowledge to guide his/her interpretation by using cognitive pattern recognition and image processing. This conference will focus on the provocative and evolving world of Artificial Intelligence to interpret seismic data. Related discussions will include elements of cross discipline pattern recognition, seismic geomorphology and intelligent multi-disciplinary G&G integration using Artificial Intelligence and its future possibilities.

Remarks by Event Chairman

Eric Andersen, PETRONAS

Important Dates

Event 12 & 13 October 2021 
Abstract Submission Deadline 30 June 2021 
Online Registration Deadline 6 October 2021

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