Alexander Kitchka

Alexander Kitchka (Oleksandr Kychka) is currently the leading researcher for the Strategic Projects Development Dept. at Natural Gases Res. Inst., JSC UkrGasProduction of NAFTOGAZ Group, Ukraine.Kitchka has begun to work in the petroleum industry since 1983 with Res. Inst. of Ukrnafta Co. at ex-USSR Ministry of Petroleum Industry, later spent more than 20 years working for academia, namely for Institute of Geological Sciences and Centre for Aerospace Res. of the Earth, Nat’l Ac. Sci. Ukraine, then again joined the industry with STC DEPROIL Ltd (Ivano-Frankivsk) and SE Naukanaftogaz Res. Inst.Research and regional interests, professional experience: Oil and gas exploration, regional tectonics, remote sensing, petroleum-prone formations hydrogeology, origin of petroleum, unconventional reservoirs; Dnieper & Donets basins, Ukrainian Carpathians, Caspian & Black Seas Region – Mediterranean Belt; 37 yrs of professional experience.Authored and co-authored for more than 150 research publications and ~ 80 industrial reports. Hold one process patent of Ukraine (co-authored) in hydrocarbon exploration. has a master’s degree in hydrogeology and engineering geology from Shevchenko Nat’l Univ. of Kyiv. Professional memberships: UAG, AAPG (Active), EAGE (Platinum), and Ukrainian Oil&Gas Academy (Corr.-Member). Awarded with Ukrainian Association of Geologists (UAG) Golden Pin and UAG Distinguished Service Gold Medal.