You are cordially invited to submit your photo(s) for the EAGE/EFG Photo Contest 2023 from 1 January to 17 March 2023.

Eligible entries are going to be published on 7 April 2023. All members of our communities will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite photo in each category until 5 May 2023.

Top 12 pictures will be announced on 29 May 2023. Great prizes are going to be awarded to the top 3 photographs in September 2023.


The theme of the PhotoContest is “Legends of Geoscience”.

We encourage you to capture extraordinary actions or aspects in all fields of geoscience. This can be expressed in different ways: legends can be specific individuals - men and women, role models or everyday scientists; they can be roles/professions with the potential to go beyond the technical work and produce a real impact for the advancement of science and society, with a special focus on women in geoscience and young professionals; this can also cover the disciplines themselves as geoscience is a broad, multidisciplinary and ever-evolving world.


Sustainability in Geosciences

Photos in this category depict how geosciences and society are directly interlinked in addressing sustainability issues, including the responsible use of natural resources, ensuring global health and resilience, improving energy efficiency, processing raw materials, etc.

Women Geoscientists

The number of female professionals operating in the world of geosciences is growing; this category collects photos of women who chose a career in different fields of geosciences.

Landscape and Environment

The entire world is a geoscientist’s field of work. Photos in this category portray the variety of this fascinating field.

Working Together in Geosciences

This category shows impressions of 2 (or more) persons collaborating on a topic or project, highlighting the importance of teamwork and multidisciplinarity in geosciences. 

Digitalization and Innovation

The latest ground-breaking technologies that enable innovation and industry transformation are portrayed in this category. Let's take a look to the future of geosciences.

The New Generation of Geoscientists

Students and Young Professionals working in different fields of geosciences are the protagonists of this category. It's time to capture their curiosity and enthusiasm  for their career.


17 March 2023
Deadline for submission

7 April 2023
Voting top 12 open

5 May 2023
Voting top 12 deadline

29 May 2023
Voting top 3 open

14 July 2023
Voting top 3 deadline

1 September 2023
Announcement winners


Ice Geometry (Italy) by Gualtiero Bohm; The Vinicunca Legend (Peru) by Dario Chisari; Energy Resources (Portugal) by Filipe Pinto; Inside Out (Iceland) by Catalina Llano Ocampo; From the Volcano to the Sunset (Italy) by Dario Chisari; Amazing King Steps (Spain) by Catalina Llano Ocampo; Antarctic Clarity (Antarctica) by Anthony Fogg; On the Edge (USA) by Balázs Törő.

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