New insights into NFR

  • Recent progress in the understanding of NFR in geological formations

  • Linking NFR from outcrop observations with sub-surface characterisation 

  • Structural diagenesis

  • Optimising NFR representation in numerical models

Application domains 

  • Geothermal systems (e.g., EGS)

        - Natural and induced fracture transmissivity, thermal short circuiting 

  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) 

        - Caprock integrity 

        - Storage 

        - Mineralization 

  • Static and dynamic characterisation of fractured aquifers 

  • Geoenergy storage 

  • Old and new knowledge - using expertise from Oil & Gas in new energy - what could be learned, what is not  applicable and why 

Tools & Methods

  • Use a virtual reality (VR) data set from Jebel Madar to compare observations and conclusions from the field trip with this outcrop seen in virtual reality and address the following topics 

         - VR and how it is used as an emerging technology to characterise subsurface system 

         - Advances and limitations 

  • Data science approaches for uncertainty evaluation 

These topics are covered in keynote speeches, presentations, and discussion sessions. 

We invite reservoir engineers, (hydro) geologists, geophysicists, rock and geo-mechanics specialists, geo-modelers, researchers and more to attend and contribute to this workshop.