About EAGE GeoTech 2024

The Third EAGE Geoscience Technologies and Applications Conference (EAGE GeoTech 2024) will bring together leading experts in geoscience, reservoir engineering, technical experts and generalists with an interest in distributed fibre optic sensing technology to tackle some of the major challenges facing the industry.

The technical programme will seek to examine how we can leverage the latest technologies and best practices for converting geophysical data into key business value and optimal subsurface monitoring and management solutions. Other key themes to be addressed include: real-time data strategies, multidisciplinary data integration and automation for interpretation and analytics.

Technical Programme

We recognise that the best solutions are derived from multidisciplinary insights and collaboration. As such participants will benefit from exposure to two dedicated technical programmes with opportunities for crossover knowledge exchange and interaction. 

Multiple technical streams, one amazing multidisciplinary programme:

Diverse Applications

EAGE GeoTech 2024 embraces the push towards a low carbon future and the emerging opportunities available for geoscientists.  Beyond the traditional applications in hydrocarbon reservoirs we also welcome applications in other fields such as geothermal, mining, CO2 storage, engineering and environmental geophysics applications.

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