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EAGE registration fees differentiate between EAGE membership recognition levels and non-members. In the table below you can see what the different fees are. First year members have Green membership status which gives you a 50USD discount (25USD for students) on the Non-member fee for each EAGE event registration; starting from Bronze status, you can benefit from an even greater reduced EAGE member registration fee. Find here for more information on the membership recognition programme.

Please note!

Registration will not be accepted unless accompanied by full payment. After receipt of registration and payment, delegates will receive a registration confirmation e-mail, which should be exchanged on-site for a badge if a valid/unique e-mail address is supplied. No entrance is granted to unregistered, or unpaid guests. For companies that want to do a group booking/payment, please contact the registration department at 

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Registration Fees In-Person

Registered and Paid
Until 12 July 2022
From 12 July 2022 - 12 August 2022
From 12 August 2022 - 14 September 2022
EAGE Green Member(1)(5)
$465 USD
$515 USD
$565 USD
EAGE Bronze/Silver/Gold Member(1)(5)
$395 USD
$445 USD
$495 USD
EAGE Platinum Member(1)(5)
$395 USD
$395 USD
$395 USD
$545 USD
$595 USD
$645 USD
EAGE Student Green Member(1)(2)(5)
$235 USD
$260 USD
$285 USD
EAGE Student Bronze/Silver/Gold Member(1)(2)(5)
$200 USD
$225 USD
$250 USD
Student Non-member(2)(3)(4)
$260 USD
$285 USD
$310 USD

  1. Members please note: To qualify for the member registration fee, your EAGE membership dues for 2022 must have been paid and confirmed. The processing time for membership applications or renewals is 10 working days.
  2. To qualify for the reduced student registration fee:
    • Students must be enrolled in a full time study programme at a recognized university or institute
    • The registration must be accompanied by a copy of a student ID card and/or official proof of enrolment
  3. The Non-member fee includes EAGE membership for the remainder of 2022. This membership will be activated shortly after the event.
  4. Student Non-members cannot be older than 34 years of age (when registering).
  5. Green membership status gives you a € 50 discount (€ 25 for students) on the Non-member fee for each EAGE event registration; starting from the Bronze status, you can benefit from an even greater reduced EAGE member registration fee. Find here for more information on the recognition programme.

All fees are in Euros (USD). One USD of your total registration fee is donated to the EAGE Green Fund.

Please note: The deadlines are following the Local Time in the Netherlands.

EAGE reserves the right to cancel the conference due to low participation. In this case, payment will be refunded in full. 

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*Please note, the Fourth EAGE/HGS Conference on Latin America will take place on-site only and will not be live-streamed or possible to join remotely.

Payment Methods

All payments must be made in Dollars ($)

  • By credit card (VISA, Master card) through our secure web server
  • By bank transfer. Made out to:


    Account Name: EAGE AMERICAS SAS

    NIT: 900.875.822 -7 

    Save Account Number: No 65281055555


Please indicate your name and/or invoice number clearly on bank transfers. Due to postal or bank delays, registration by post and/or bank transfer will not be accepted after 22 August 2022. Please allow at least two weeks for processing.

Cancellation and Changes Policy

  • Cancellation received before 12 August 2022: Full refund (after the event) minus an administration fee of € 35 per person. Non-members please note: membership fee included in the conference fee will not be refunded; membership will remain active.
  • Cancellation received on or after 12 August 2022: No refund will be made. For non-members, please note your included membership will remain active for the remainder of 2022.
  • Transfer of your registration to another name will cost a € 35 administration fee, plus any differences in delegate types, where applicable (for instance when changing a registration from a member to a non-member).
  • For an overview of all EAGE Registration Terms and Conditions please click here to download.

Cancellation of any registration must be made in writing (letter or e-mail) to: 

EAGE Americas Office 
Edificio Centro Ejecutivo Santa Barbara 
Av. Cra. 19 #118-95 - Office: 501  
Tel.: +57 310 8610709

EAGE Green Fund

In 2010, the EAGE Board decided to launch the EAGE Green Fund. From all registration fees for EAGE events one euro (€ 1) will be donated to the EAGE Green Fund with no increase in cost for our members. This will be supplemented with a contribution by EAGE and voluntary donations from event delegates. The money raised in this way will be utilized to initiate and support geoscience and engineering environmental initiatives. Read More.

Liability Clause

EAGE cannot be held liable for non attendance due to visa issues or any other travel or legal obstructions. If an event or part of an event is cancelled, EAGE shall not be responsible for airfare, hotel or other costs incurred by the registrants. Speakers and programme agenda are subject to change. EAGE shall not be liable for damages, expenses, personal injury or loss except when caused by gross fault or negligence on the side of EAGE. EAGE's liability is expressly limited to the amount paid for this event by the participant to EAGE.

EAGE Registration Terms and Conditions

EAGE Privacy & Cookie Statement

Official invitation

Invitation letters for visa purposes will be issued to those who have registered and paid.

Please contact us via in case you need an invitation letter. In order to obtain an invitation letter, the online invitation letter request form must be completed.

Please note that EAGE cannot guarantee the usability of an invitation letter. Please refer to the nearest consulate in your country of residence for specific visa requirements.

EAGE members can automatically generate an invitation letter in My EAGE (log in to the EAGE website and go to 'My Services - Invitation Letter'). If you registered as a non-member and membership is included in your registration fee, please note that you will receive your login details for the EAGE website within 14 working days.

We advise delegates who require a visa to start their application process three months prior to the event as in specific cases the visa process may be lengthy (up to two months).