IMOG 2021

12-17 September 2021 |  Online (CEST)

Information for Presenters

We are glad to have you sharing your knowledge at one of our workshops! Please find below all useful information to help you prepare for your presentation. If you still have questions concerning abstract submission or technical programme please send an e-mail to

Oral Presentations

E-Poster Presentations

Pre-recorded video*
- 20 min. for Plenary Sessions
- 15 min. for Parallel Sessions
5 min. pre-recorded video (will be uploaded to e-poster gallery)
Standard HD (1920 x 1080) or 720 p (1280 x 720)Standard HD (1920 x 1080) or 720 p (1280 x 720)
Upload your presentation here
(you will receive a confirmation of your video within 48 hours of submitting)
Upload your presentation here
(you will receive a confirmation of your video within 48 hours of submitting)
Live Q&A (5 minutes per presenter)Live virtual e-poster sessions (80 min. each day)
Mandatory PPT templateMandatory PPT template

*You will have the opportunity to give your presentation live. However, we require that you submit a pre-recorded video which will be used as a backup in case you have any connection or technical issues.

Pre-record Your Video Presentation

We ask all presenters to submit a pre-recorded video presentation by Friday 20 August, 2021 at 23:59 (CEST). 

How to record your video presentation? Watch this video for instructions.

You can use the video as a recommendation, however you can use any recording platform that you are familiar or comfortable with. 

It is strongly recommended to rehearse your presentation before recording, and review the recorded video before submitting it. Once submitted, the video cannot be changed. 


When confirming your presentation you will be asked to grant certain permissions to the organisers:

Question 1: Do you agree to your presentation being included in a livestream of the event?

  • This gives us permission to live stream the presentation to participants registered virtually.

Question 2: Do you agree to your presentation being recorded and shared with participants after the event?

  • This gives us permission to make a recording available after the live event for a limited time to persons who are registered for virtual attendance but are in another timezone where it is not possible to view the virtual stream live.
  • Persons will need to have a paid registration to access the online portal and we will make the post-recorded version of the conference available until Tuesday 12 October, 2021.

Presenter Name Confirmation

You are hereby requested to complete the Presenter Name Confirmation form (Oral or Poster) by 1 July 2021. If you are unable to give your presentation, then please inform us as soon as possible but ultimately 1 July via the Presenter Name Confirmation form. 

If you will not be the presenter of the presentation(s), please kindly provide us with the contact details of the replacing presenter in the Presenter Name Confirmation Form through the above link.

presentation tips

Industry Specialists Give you Some Useful Tips!

EAGE Video Series

Presenting to a live audience, whether they are a small group of colleagues or dozens of people is something learned from practice. That is why EAGE would like to help you on your way. Six seasoned presenters shared their experience and advice on preparing presentations on how to capture and how to keep the audience’s attention and on what they have learned over the years. The videos address different questions and situations, so whatever your concern is, the answer is here. This teaser introduces all speakers with a short ‘soundbite’. We are delighted that they have shared their advice and experience with us in this new EAGE video series! For all other videos click on the link below.

All Videos