Meet the speakers!

Philip Ringrose

Geoscience specialist, Equinor and NTNU

Philip Ringrose is a specialist in Reservoir Geoscience at Equinor and Adjunct Professor of CO2 Storage at NTNU. Over the last decade, he has worked on various developments in CCS and on several large-scale CO2 storage projects. He has 30 years of industry and research experience, including positions as Lead Geologist, Åsgard Development, Statoil E&P (Norway), and Advisor for Geological Reservoir Modelling and Uncertainty Analysis (Statoil). Between 1990 and 1997, he was a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Heriot-Watt Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Edinburgh, UK. He has published widely on reservoir geoscience and flow in rock media and has recently published textbooks on Reservoir Model Design and CO2 Storage (Springer).He is Chief Editor for the journal Petroleum Geoscience. In 2012, he was elected as the 2014–2015 President of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) and served for 3 years on the board of the EAGE. He has served on numerous conference committees, including the SPE Forum Series, the EAGE Sustainable Earth Sciences Conferences, and the EAGE CO2 Geological Storage Workshop. He is also Honorary Professor in sustainable geoenergy at the University of Edinburgh, School of Geosciences.

Jean-Charles (JC) Ferran

Co-founder & President, GeoLinks

Jean-Charles (JC) Ferran is a 30-year experienced professional in the O&G industry, a seismic expert and co-founder of a new company. Jean-Charles received his MSc in Applied Geophysics in 1987 from UPMC, France. He began working in the industry in 1989 as Geophysicist in a Data Processing Center in Turkey and then a nomadic life followed… Throughout his career, Jean-Charles occupied various technical and managerial positions in seismic processing, field seismic operations, R&D and Technology development and more recently Sales & Marketing. In the most recent years, Jean-Charles developed new commercial services, based on a more collaborative business approach. He also pushed activities toward new market boundaries such as geothermal exploration, and Structural Health Monitoring.

Jean-Charles is passionate about Geosciences since he is… 10 years old! In 2020 he decided to start new venture by co-founding with two friends of his, a new company named GeoLinks.

Katerina Polychronopoulou

Head of Processing – R&D Team, Seismotech S.A.

Katerina Polychronopoulou is a geophysicist, specializing in passive seismic exploration, as well as the integration of different geophysical methods. Katerina received her engineer’s degree in Mining Engineering in 2005 from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and an MSc degree in Applied Geophysics, in 2007, from Paris 6 university (UPMC) in France. Since then, she has worked for more than a decade as a geophysicist, providing geophysical exploration services, mainly to the O&G, but also to the mining and geothermal industries. Since 2013, she is the Head of Seismotech’s Processing and R&D Team. In 2017, she got involved in the Smart Exploration Project, as a PhD student of the NTUA. Her PhD research focuses on exploring the limits and capabilities of passive seismic methodologies, in the context of mining exploration. She has published a number of articles and abstracts in scientific journals and international conferences.

Paolo Dell'Aversana

Senior Geophysicist and Project Manager, Eni SpA, Upstream and Technical Services

Paolo Dell'Aversana graduated in Geology in 1988 and in Physics in 1996, at Naples University. Furthermore, he studied Philosophy at Rome University.He has more than three decades of experience in geology and geophysics, including twenty-five years in the hydrocarbon industry. Since 2002, Paolo is Senior Geophysicist and Project Manager in Eni, Upstream and Technical Services. He is an expert in integrated geophysical methods and in Data Science.Since 2014, Paolo is an international lecturer: he visited the most prestigious universities around the world for a lecture tour about integrated geophysics.Paolo is author of several patents, published more than hundred papers and five scientific books. In 2018, Paolo has received the Eni Award as recognition for the “Best Technological Innovation” of the year.In 2019, Paolo has been finalist at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference Awards for “ The Breakthrough Research of the Year”.In addition to Physics and Geosciences, Paolo has many other cultural interests, including visual arts, sound engineering, music, epistemology, artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, neurosciences and much more.

Reda Meftahi

Founder & Director, Survey Intelligence

Reda is an innovative geoscientist with 25+ years experience in the oil & gas industry. Having worked for oil majors, contractors and start-ups he understands the sector from every angle. Reda has been involved as an entrepreneur in a number of spin-offs from leading technical universities to develop cutting-edge technology. As a trained geologist, Reda specialised in structural geology and obtained a MSc in Geophysics and Geochemistry from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris followed by an MSc of Structural Geology from the University Montpellier II. Reda has an extensive knowledge of ground deformation that he collected throughout his experience in structural fault systems, passive micro-seismicity and seismic processing.In 2018 Reda founded Survey Intelligence, a start-up in the ESA Incubation Program. The company has developed advanced geo-statistical methods for the interpretation of earth observation data. These are used for monitoring the structural integrity of underground reservoirs for the purpose of geothermal energy, H2 and CO2 storage. 

Artem Kashubin

Senior Geophysicist,PetroTrace

Artem Kashubin is a Senior Geophysicist in PetroTrace. He graduated from The Ural State Academy of Mining and Geology, Russia, with the degree in Geophysical Engineering and holds a PhD in Geophysics from Uppsala University, Sweden. He worked as a researcher in Uppsala University, Imperial College London and Schlumberger Cambridge Research, where he developed new techniques for imaging, 4D seismic, new seismic sensors and data fusion. He co-authored over 20 papers and 3 patent applications. He participated in land seismic surveys in Russia, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East. He processed commercial seismic data for industry and research institutions covering various geological environments. He was teaching Seismic Techniques to Petroleum Geoscience MS students. He is on the board of the EAGE Local Chapter London.