YP Communities

The Young Professionals Summit is a collaborative event organized by the YP communities of multiple societies. Here you can learn more these networks and how to join them.

EAGE Special Interest Community of Young Professionals

The YP Special Interest Community is open to young professionals aged 35 or below who are EAGE members. This community was created to ensure that professionals in the early stages of their careers could find a dedicated network within the Association where their expectations can be articulated. The YP Committee actively supports young professionals by sharing relevant news (including interviews, job vacancies, career advice), encouraging discussion, connecting members and actively developing events for YP, including a Special Session at every EAGE Annual Conference, local events and collaborations such as the YP Summit.

PESGB Young Professionals Special Interest Group

The Young Professionals Special Interest Group of the PESGB was set up in 2010 to support early career professionals and to encourage their participation in the wider petroleum geoscience community The YP group is run by Young Professionals, for Young Professionals. With committee members based  in London and Aberdeen we deliver multiple events every year, actively providing opportunities for YPs at the beating heart of the industry. The Young Professionals’ aim is to support and develop early career geoscientists; allowing everybody from students, new graduates and not-so-new graduates to benefit from cross-industry communication channels.  As part of our work we look to assist in the career decisions of current undergraduate and postgraduate geoscience students who are contemplating what opportunities are open to them, making them aware of what the petroleum industry can offer and giving them a support network if they decide to join.

SPE Young Professionals

SPE offers specific Young Professional programs — created for members age 35 and younger — to help them acquire professional and soft skills, and provide networking opportunities to advance in their career. The YP Summit is one of these educational and networking opportunities; others are: the Ambassador Lecturer Program, the Career Pathways Fair, eMentoring, the Emerging Leaders Alliance, the Future Leader Academy, the League of Volunteers, "Spotlight on Young Professionals" and webinars for YPs. A Young Member Engagement Committee (YMEC) ensures young professional and student engagement remains a top priority for SPE. YMEC members play a crucial role in developing and implementing valuable programs and activities for SPE young members worldwide.