The Technical Committee invite practitioners, innovators and industry experts to contribute to this conference and share their achievements and challenges, lay out big innovative ideas and seek new alliances to jointly develop a road for the future.

Contributors are welcome to submit abstracts of 2-4 pages in length. Submission for posters & oral presentations is welcome on all topics. Professionals, Bachelor, Master or PhD students are invited to share their work.

Abstracts should be submitted via the EAGE website using the downloadable template.

The papers must follow the Abstracts Submission Instructions (Download Here)

Please submit abstracts on the following topics:

1. Exploration & Production    

- Energy Needs of the Caribbean

- Exploration history of the Caribbean and Guyana-Suriname Basin

- Exploration & prospectivity in Emerging Caribbean Basins (TnT, Colombia, Cuba)

- Exploration in Frontier Caribbean Basins – (DR, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Barbados, Venezuela)

- Exploration & production in the Guyana-Suriname Basin 

2. Petroleum Systems of the Caribbean and Guyana-Suriname Basin

-  Source Rock Presence in the Caribbean: Mesozoic vs Cenozoic source rocks

   - Geochemical analysis of source rocks 

   - Seeps/slicks from satellite imagery

   - Field studies

- Source Rock maturation and hydrocarbon migration – Knowns and Uncertainties.

 - Basin modeling

 - Heat Flow in the Caribbean

3. Geology and Geotectonics of the Caribbean and Guyana-Suriname Basin

- Structural geology & tectonics of the Caribbean & Guyana-Suriname Basin

- New opportunities in Circum-Caribbean compressional Fold Belt

- Clastic reservoir systems of the Caribbean

- Carbonate reservoir systems of the Caribbean

4. Energy Transition

- Subsurface Synergies

- Geothermal energy


5. New and Applied Technologies       

- Grav / Mag, AI, Seismic, Advances in seismic technology

- Non seismic geophysical technologies: Grav/ Mag, FiberOptics and Fiber VSP

- Multiphysics technologies the role of digitalization and AI in the future of exploration and development

- Near-surface geochemical

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