EAGE GeoTech 2021

1-4 March 2021 | Online Event

Instructional Guides for Participants & Speakers

The conference will be held fully online in our EAGE GeoTech 2021 "Virtual Event Portal". This portal is now open to all presenters and registered attendees. Please read the information below carefully! 


1.1 Login to the Virtual Event Portal

To login to the online portal to see the conference timeline, you will need to use your email address (username) and Pin code (see "Be well prepared.." email). These details have been provided to all registered participants prior to the start of the conference.

1.2. Time Zones

Please note that all timings in the Technical Programme Schedule are in Central European Time (CET) / UTC+1. The only place where you can choose your browser time zone is in your "settings" of the Virtual Event Portal. If you choose this option on the Portal, please make sure to take this difference in timings into account when attending the sessions.

1.3. Refresh Browser

If you cannot see the session anymore or if you are having challenges with your audio please refresh your browser or try to sign-out and to sign back in.

1.4. Connecting with the Meeting Hub

The Meeting Hub allows you to communicate easily with other conference participants through direct chat or video calls. You can also see the full list of registered participants here.



If you are assigned as a Presenter or Session Chair you should sign into the session at least 15 minutes before the session start time to test your audio and video connections. Please wear a headset to avoid any feedback issues.

When a session shown in the timeline is about to start, click on ‘Join’.

Important note​: Please click on the green  ‘Present’ button at least 10 minutes before it is your turn to speak. Up until that point, you will be an audience member.

Once you have clicked the button, you will be added to the ‘Green Room’.

All speakers will remain in the ‘Green Room’ until a few minutes prior to their presentation.

When you are ready, you will be added by the EAGE host to the Main Stage.

The Main Stage is the view that the audience can see.




You will see the event Timeline on the main screen.

You can scroll down to see the full schedule of the day. You can see the details of each session by clicking on the session bar.

When a session is closed, you can preview a session by clicking on the “Preview” button. Here you can see when the session will start.

When a session is about to start, click on ‘Join’.
To view another session, click on “Back to the Timeline” in the top-left of your screen. 


Each oral session will have 4-5 presentations, the titles of which can be seen by expanding the Session Information box once you have joined a session. 

All of the speakers in the session will give their live 20 minutes presentations including a Q&A. 

You can type in your questions in the ‘Live Q&A’ section. All questions submitted will be monitored by the chairs, and selected questions will be asked for the presenter to answer.

Important! :

- To ask a question please type first your Name and Affiliation

- If your question could not be answered live, you can reach the presenter in the "Meeting Hub" and ask your unanswered question directly


Poster presentations are available to watch on-demand in the Resource Gallery. There is also an opportunity to discuss with the poster presenters during the live poster session, see the Technical Programme Schedule for the full details. 

During the allotted poster session  you can join any of the poster presentations, after which you will automatically enter a "virtual queue". Please be patient and wait for a few minutes until the presenter accepts your request to join the presentation. After the presenter welcomes you to the discussion, they will be able to give you a recap and answer questions about their presentation.

At any time you will be able to leave the e-poster and go back to the timeline to join another e-poster or the Virtual Exhibition Gallery. When the discussion is finished the presenter will remove the current attendees and accept the next group. 

Important! :

- Join the poster presenter by "virtually queuing", be patient and wait a few minutes until the presenter accepts your request to join his presentation

- Ask questions in writing in the "Live Q&A" window

- Ask questions using your mic if the presenter has unmuted you 

Instructions for Virtual Poster Presenters:

Instructions to join the Virtual Poster Presentation:


If you have any questions, you can either use the "Live Support" button on the top right corner of the virtual portal or you can email us at eage.events@eage.org