Third EAGE Workshop on Practical Reservoir Monitoring

Welcome to the Third EAGE Workshop on 

Practical Reservoir Monitoring

1-2 March 2021, Online Event

Workshop Overview

The Third EAGE Workshop on Practical Reservoir Monitoring presents another opportunity to examine the role and impact of reservoir monitoring techniques in improving short-term production profiles of resource fields and yielding full life cycle returns.  

In recent times major global disruptions have forced both companies and individuals to reflect how they operate and work. Meanwhile the price of oil has witnessed levels not seen since the early 2000’s. Against this dynamic backdrop there is also the drive to a low carbon future, which will provide both challenges and opportunities in the future. 

In response, the workshop will seek to explore the technological innovations and best practices which can lead to value generation and contribute towards optimal subsurface management solutions.

Workshop Aim

The workshop aims to examine how the use of modern reservoir surveillance practices can optimize field production, through multidisciplinary data integration and increased digitalization of the field, to maximize value, ensure field integrity and increase recovery factors. The benefits of different approaches to incorporate geophysical, geomechanical and reservoir engineering data for reservoir monitoring purposes will be investigated through case studies and extended discussions. We will also examine key issues surrounding continuous monitoring systems with real-time data processing and visualization demands.  

PRM installation at Johan Casteburg (Equinor)

The Third PRM Workshop will be held in The Hague

Participant's Profile

Specialists from leading operators, service companies and academia will come together to exchange insights on the latest developments and value proposition of reservoir monitoring. We encourage oral presentations and posters exploring global perspectives on the use of reservoir monitoring techniques within various geographical and geological settings. Beyond the traditional applications in hydrocarbon reservoirs we also welcome applications in other fields such as hydrogen storage, carbon storage and geothermal reservoirs. As in previous workshops, we will continue to monitor the progress of Permanent Reservoir Monitoring as well as emerging techniques and trends in 4D applications and alternative geophysical methods.  

Technical Committee

This event is organized with the essential support of the technical committee members. The Technical Committee is composed of industry specialists within the event topic's area.

Technical Committee
Paulo JohannPetrobras
Didier LecerfPGS
John Even Lindgård
OCTIO Gravitude
Colin MacbethHeriot-Watt University
Paul MitchellTAQA
Mark Thompson
Kanglin Wang



Date:1-2 March, 2021
Workshop Attendees:80+
Abstract Extended Deadline30 November, 2020



Submission Topics

1.Permanent Reservoir Monitoring 

  • Established Installations
  • New Installations
  • In-well

2.User Cases

  • Well Planning
  • Reservoir Management
  • Production Optimization
  • Overburden Integrity
  • Drilling Operations

3.Developments in the use of 4D for Modelling

  • Reservoir
  • Geomechanical
  • Geomodelling

4.Realtime Monitoring

  • Passive Seismic
  • Microseismic

5.New Geophysical Methods & Technologies

  • Shear and Surface Waves
  • Broadband Seismic
  • Simultaneous Sources
  • Autonomous Sources and Receivers
  • Distributed Sensing (DAS,DTS,DSS)
  • Non-Seismic Methods (Gravity,EM,CSEM)

6.New Insights

  • Data integration and Interpretation: Geophysics, Engineering, In-well sensing, Geomatics..
  • Automation and Digitalization
  • Data Analytics (Machine Learning, Deep Learning etc)
  • Open Datasets and Open Data Sharing

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