EAGE GeoTech 2021

1-4 March 2021 | Online Event

EAGE GeoTech 2021 Workshops

The GeoTech Conference combines four technical workshops into one amazing multidisciplinary programme! Participants will benefit from exposure to four dedicated technical programmes with opportunities for crossover knowledge exchange and interaction.

Practical Reservoir Monitoring

The Third EAGE Workshop on Practical Reservoir Management aims to examine how the use of modern reservoir surveillance practices can optimize field production, through multidisciplinary data integration and increased digitalization of the field, to maximize value and increase recovery factors. The benefits of different approaches to incorporate geophysical, geomechanical and reservoir engineering data for reservoir monitoring purposes will be investigated through case studies and extended discussions.


Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing

Following a successful first edition, the Second EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensing seeks to continue our exploration of the use of distributed optical fibre sensors for diverse energy and industrial applications. The workshop will focus predominantly on geoscience and engineering applications utilizing distributed acoustic (DAS), temperature (DTS) and strain (DSS) systems.


Induced Seismicity

Explore the latest developments in monitoring, modelling and mitigation of induced seismicity. Over three structured days of technical talks and discussions we will seek to examine the mechanisms and dominant factors related to the occurrence of felt induced events. Following an examination of the science, we will also explore how the geomechanical, seismological and geological expertise can best guide science based regulations, technical specifications and effective mitigation strategies.


Directional Drilling and Geosteering

This First EAGE Workshop on Directional Drilling and Geosteering seeks to examine how real-time insights of the subsurface while drilling can contribute to increased efficiency and accuracy of well placements for resource production. We will mainly seek to address the integration of real-time data with other subsurface information for automated directional drilling workflows. 


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