First EAGE Conference on South Atlantic Offshore Energy Resources

20 - 22 September | Montevideo, Uruguay

We are excited to announce the First EAGE Conference on South Atlantic Offshore Energy Resources to be hosted in person in Montevideo, Uruguay 20-22 September 2023.

Recent significant light oil discoveries in the Orange Basin, offshore Namibia, associated with the Total Energies, Venus-1 and Shell, Graff-1 wells, have revived exploratory interest in the conjugate offshore margins of Northern Argentina, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil. This is already reflected in the recent successful license round offshore Uruguay and the widely announced plan to drill an exploration well in Northern Argentina, which is expected to provide a significant play opener on the American side of the South Atlantic.

In the current political and economic global climate, focusing on energy security, efficient and environmentally responsible exploration has become critical. Aiming to contribute towards this goal, this conference should facilitate and encourage sharing of experience and ideas on prospective resources and status of projects in the South Atlantic region, led by Regulators, NOCs (National Oil Companies) and IOCs (international Oil Companies), Service Providers and Research and Academic Institutes working in the region.

The three-day conference will focus on topics ranging from Conjugate Margin Analogues, Petroleum Systems, Geology and Geo-tectonics, Technologies applied in Exploration and Development, as well as Environmental and Regulation issues faced in the region.

This conference will provide an excellent platform to share knowledge, learn from each other, have round the table discussions and understand the challenges and the big opportunities that this margin hides. In combination with presentations, the conference aims to promote discussion and participation through several interactive sessions, panels debates and networking events.

The technical committee welcomes potential presenters to submit talk titles along with a brief (300 words) overview of the proposed talk content in order to build a technically strong program which will contribute towards allowing the south Atlantic to play an important role in providing future energy resources in an environmentally responsible manner.