First EAGE Conference on South Atlantic Offshore Energy Resources 

20 - 22 September | Montevideo, Uruguay

Welcome from our Chairwoman,

Welcome from our Chairwoman, I am honored to welcome all of you to this event organized by the EAGE. I could not be more delighted to be part of the technical committee organizing the First EAGE Conference on South Atlantic Offshore Energy Resources in wonderful Uruguay. 

The conference remit will cover opportunities over a large geographical area in the South Atlantic conjugate margins from Brazil Pelotas to Argentina and over Namibia, Orange, and Walvis in Africa. Regarding our host country, offshore Uruguay has the potential to be a significant oil and gas basin, but more exploratory drilling needs to take place to prove a working petroleum system. To date, no deepwater wells have penetrated the Cretaceous, the current setting for recent major discoveries in Namibia. 

The exploratory effort carried out by ANCAP in the last 15 years has yielded very good results.The successful Uruguay License Round 2 in 2012 attracted renowned companies from the industry allowing to explore frontier basins in the South Atlantic with an investment (Oil & Gas and Services Companies) greater than 1.2 billion dollars. In addition to the offshore potential, Uruguay has been leading the way in terms of renewable energy, with the country’s electricity generation coming almost entirely from renewable sources. Uruguay has become a role model for other countries looking to transition to clean and more sustainable energy systems.  

The event's highly regarded technical committee, integrated by members of academia, energy and services companies, is delighted to present a robust and comprehensive agenda. We intend to share knowledge via technical presentations, round tables and panel discussions, featuring keynote speakers selected to address sub-surface topics of the offshore South Atlantic as well as key elements of the energy transition.  

The agenda will cover a wide range of topics on the exploration side, in addition we want to touch on current and new technologies that could enable the unlocking of new deeper plays in this under-explored region.  

Last but not the least, Social Events are on the agenda for you to enjoy some networking and try the local delicacies. I can reassure you that you won't want to miss it.  

I look forward to meeting you all in person in Montevideo. 

Interesting facts from the conference host country Uruguay: 

  • Did you know that 20,000 acres of land are dedicated to winemaking in the countryside, placing Uruguay as the fourth-largest producer in South America. Pairing perfectly with steak thanks to its high level of tannins, full-bodied Tannat is a classy accompaniment to a traditional Uruguayan asado.
  • Uruguay is the only country to keep track of 100% of their cattle. There are three cows for every person in the country. 
  • It is one of the few countries in South America to have access to clean water for its entire population.
Adriana Sola.