3rd Conference on Airborne, Drone and Robotic Geophysics

The gap between ground-based geophysics as a suite of small-scale, profile-based and high-resolution methods on one side and airborne geophysics as large-scale, spatial coverage and mapping / low-resolution methods on the other side is steadily closing with the development of increasingly accurate and (very-)near-surface systems. This development has been going on for 15+ years in airborne electromagnetics (AEM) and has recently been accelerated by the introduction of drone- and robotics-based acquisition methods. These rapid spatial acquisition platforms enable highly efficient data coverage with resolution close to elaborate ground coupled systems.

The 3rd Conference on Airborne, Drone and Robotic Geophysics aims at assembling the latest research, development and use cases to share and celebrate groundbreaking success stories, to dig into today’s remaining limitations and analyze ways forward. We welcome contributions with a technology focus both in hardware and towards algorithms as well as complex case studies that illustrate the added value of going beyond the limitations with ground-based methods.

Join us in Belgrade in a hopefully post-covid world!

Scientific Committee

Andi A Pfaffhuber (Chair)EMerald Geomodelling
Anders V Christiansen (Co-chair)Aarhus University
Tim ArcherReid Geophysics
Mehrdad Bastani
Thue Bording
Aarhus Geoinstruments
Anne-Sophie H Christensen
Craig W Christensen
EMerald Geomodelling
Arne DøssingDTU
Anders EdsenWSP
Mats Lundh GulbrandsenI•GIS
Thomas M HansenAarhus University
Oliver Lang
Kristoffer S Mohr
Airborne Instruments
Nicklas S Nyboe
SkyTEM Surveys
Ana Pires
Jacopo Sala
Johannes Stoll
Mobile Geophysical Tech
Liz Thompson
Transition Elements
Malte Vöge
Sean Walker
Campbell & Walker