List of Topics

28th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics

1.01Geophysical Fields and Human Health
1.02 Geophysics and Climate Changes
1.03 Environmental Geophysics - Geohazard and Anthropogenic Hazard Studies
1.04 Geophysical Investigations in Karst Terrains
1.05 Groundwater Exploration and Hydrogeophysics
1.06 Geophysics in Engineering Geology and Geo-Technical Investigations
1.07 Monitoring and Reservoir Characterization with Near-Surface Methods
1.08 Geophysics in Studies for Geothermal Energy and CO2 Storage
1.09 Measurement while Drilling (for Mineral Exploration, Geotechnical, Groundwater and Environmental Geo-Physics)
1.10 Geophysical Surveys of Cryosphere and Arctic
1.11 Forensic Geophysics/Geosciences
1.12 Archaeogeophysics
1.13 Humanitarian Geophysics/Geosciences (Geophysics and Geosciences Applied to Solve Humanitarian Problems)
1.14 Modeling, Inversion and Data-Processing in Near-Surface Geophysics
1.15 Geophysics in 3D Geological Modelling
1.16 Integrated Approaches in Near-Surface Geophysics
1.17 New Technologies, Developments and Research Trends
1.18 Education for Industry
1.19Geophysics supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
1.20Applied Geophysics Case Studies from the Balkans
1.21Special Session: Geophysics and Geosciences as a Tool of Biomedicine (Influence of Environment on Human Health)

4th Conference on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining

2.01Rock Physics of Mineral Deposits
2.02New Advances in Interpretation of Magnetic and Magnetic Gradiometry Data
2.03Gravity and Gravity Gradiometry Methods in Mineral Exploration
2.04Electrical Methods in Mineral Exploration
2.05Airborne Electromagnetic Surveys and Mapping of Mineral Resources
2.06Ground, Borehole, and Airborne IP Methods
2.07Seismic Methods in Mineral Exploration
2.08Downhole Geophysics
2.09New Developments in 3D Imaging/Inversion of Geophysical Data
2.10Joint Inversion of Multiphysics Data
2.11Exploration under Cover
2.12Geophysical Methods in Mining Engineering
2.13GPR Applications in Mining
2.14AI and Machine Learning in Mineral Exploration and Mining
2.15Offshore Mineral Exploration and Mining
2.16Special Session: Innovative EU-funded Mineral Exploration Solutions

3rd Conference on Airborne, Drone and Robotic Geophysics

3.01Airborne EM Technology
3.02General Airborne Technology (magnetics, lidar, hyperspectral, etc.)
3.03Drone EM Technology
3.04General Drone Technology, Including Magnetics & Remote Sensing
3.05Robotic & Ground-based Spatial Geophysics
3.06Terrestrial and Space-borne Remote Sensing
3.07Data Integration & AI
3.083D Modelling & Visualization
3.09Geological Application Focus
3.10Engineering / Environmental Application Focus