Welcome from the Local Advisory Committee

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Conference and Technical Exhibition Near Surface Geoscience 2022, which will take place on 18-22 September 2022 in Belgrade (Republic of Serbia).

The following three conferences will take place as parallel programs:

• 28th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics;

• 4th Conference on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining;

• 3rd Conference on Airborne, Drone and Robotic Geophysics.

Registering for the Near Surface Geoscience 2022 will give you the opportunity to benefit from all conferences.

It is important to highlight that the Technical Exhibition will be held parallel to the three conferences. It will be the central meeting place where companies display products and services that are relevant to all events, introducing new products and services, but also demonstrating novel technology and equipment. During the event, instrument and field method demonstrations will take place. The exhibition will be a nice opportunity for exhibitors and participants to monitor the competition and expand their network in the Balkan region.

Furthermore, all participants will have the opportunity to attend a number of interesting side events. Special attention will be given to hands-on learning workshops, dedicated sessions and more. We expect the highest level meeting with a large number of professionals from academia and industry, as well as a large number of young professionals and students. The meetings, workshops and networking opportunities will be a benefit to all of us in the field of geosciences.

In addition to the technical sessions and the exhibition, the conference will have an enjoyable and unique social program. Belgrade is located at the confluence of the two rivers. All geological locations in Serbia are a few hours away from the city, but Belgrade itself has a unique history, architecture and the most important - interesting geological settings and landscape (29 hills, two rivers, one plain, and a mountain).

After the Conference, unforgettable field trips will take place. We will start from Kalemegdan fortress, visiting the natural monument - the profile of the marine Neogene sandbank, but also discovering Belgrade underground, as Kalemegdan Fortress reveals the most hidden secrets of this city (Geoscientists at walk – Witchery of the old Fortress).

As Belgrade is a perfect starting point of an adventure-filled, EAGE Conference participants may choose a field trip to Western Serbia – A never-ending story (two days by bus, boat and train with steam locomotive at the Europe’s most attractive narrow gauge museum railway, Šargan Eight). So, you will learn a lot about the geological diversity/ heritage of Serbia, but also discover magnificent nature, monasteries, archaeological sites, wineries, and ethno villages. With these field trips, LAC really wishes to leave EAGE delegates breathless!

We hope that attending the Near Surface Geoscience Conference and Exhibition 2022 will be an enriching professional experience, with a lot of networking and sharing experiences and a lot of fun for you. We are looking forward to meeting you in September 2022, in Belgrade!

Local Advisory Committee

 Snežana Komatina (Chair)AGES
Magdalena Marković Juhlin (Co-chair)Uppsala University
Marko Vanić (Co-chair)Scientific-Technological Center NIS-Naftagas
Monika IvandićUppsala University
Milan MiloševićEnergoprojekt - Hidroinženjering a.d.
Victor MocanuUniversity of Bucharest
Raffaele Persico
University of Calabria
Klodian SkramePolytechnic University of Tirana
Florina TulucaUniversity of Bucharest