Rules & Regulations

The Rules & Regulations include information on the following:

Build-up / Break down schedule

Health, Safety & Environment



Noise Level


Booth Management

Construction and/or dismantling

Technical Information

Delivery of Goods

Build-up & Break down Schedule

Build-upSunday16:00 - 19:30 hrs
Break downWednesday15:45 - 17:30 hrs

Health, Safety & Environment

In case of emergency please use the (emergency) exits to leave the building.

  • Always put your own safety first
  • Always follow the instructions given by emergency services
  • Stay calm and refrain from panic


The exhibition area is a secured area and only accessible with valid accreditation. EAGE expressly declines responsibility for any loss or damage that may befall the person or property of any exhibitor from any cause whatsoever.


Each exhibitor exhibits at his own risk. 

EAGE and the Crowne Plaza Hotel, do not accept any responsibility for damage to, or loss of, any properties caused by Exhibitors or Contractors. Exhibitors are especially warned that all exhibits are the sole responsibility of the Company/Individual to whom they belong. Exhibitors must effect their own insurance against all risks. The strongest possible precautions against opportunist theft should be taken at all times.

EAGE is not responsible for any loss sustained by exhibitors from fire, theft, damage or any other cause, or for personal injury or loss to or by any person employed by the exhibitor or any third party.

Exhibitors shall have no claim whatsoever against: 

  • EAGE and other committees / Crowne Plaza Hotel.
  • EAGE will not be liable for any financial loss incurred by the exhibitors resulting from cancellation or curtailment of the exhibition for any reason whatsoever.

Noise Level

Exhibitors must not obstruct or disturb neighbouring stands when showing slides, films or videos, playing music, running machinery or giving demonstrations. Laser shows are prohibited.

It is not permitted for exhibit staff to hand out any brochures, leaflets, commercial information, gifts or any other material in the aisles, or any other part of the premises, except for the exhibitors’ own stand.


Smoking inside the event venue is prohibited.

Booth Management

  • Stands must remain open, with exhibits on display and booth personnel on duty during opening hours;
  • Canvassing in the aisles and public areas of the building and its environment is expressly prohibited;
  • Emergency exits, signs indicating exits and access to rooms housing technical facilities must not be blocked or obstructed in any way by the exhibition booths or exhibits;
  • Fire alarm equipment, hydrants, fire extinguishers and signs indicating such equipment should not be removed or obstructed in any way;
  • No part of any booth exhibit may overhang any aisle or exceed the boundaries of the booth space rented. 
  • All sides of shell scheme booths bordering on aisles are open. 
  • At those sides of the booths no walling is allowed.

Booth Package

Included in the Booth Package is:

NOT Included in the Booth Package is:

  • White wall panels (height 250 cm) with aluminium frame
  • 1 Mains connection, incl. normal electricity consumption
  • Socket outlet1 spotlight per 3 m²
  • A fascia with name board, including black regular lettering on the open sides of the booth, in a standard style
  • Graphics
  • Materials (e.g. scissors, tape, blu tack, pins) needed to build/decorate booths
  • Additional electrical accessories (e.g. adaptors, wire extensions)
  • AV Support
  • Parking space

    Please note that carpet is not included in the Booth Package, as the exhibition area is carpeted already.

    Existing carpet in the Foyer area:

    Stand numbers 1-18 & 44-48

    Existing carpet in the Pacific area:

    Stand numbers 19-43

    Our supplier Miloš Messe can provide you with:


    Complete your fascia text by returning a completed Fascia Form to Olivera Radeta Tršić.

    Deadline: 22 August 2022

    Included in your Booth Package. 


    Miloš Messe offers a variety of furniture, please browse through their brochure & order form.

    Deadline: 22 August 2022

    Read More


    Make your booth stand out by printed wall panels, or a full backdrop; have a look at the brochure & order form.

    Deadline: 22 August 2022

    Read More


    • It is prohibited to drive screws, nails etc into the shell scheme panels.
    • Your shell scheme stand will be ready for decorating on Sunday, 18 September 2022 at 16:00 hrs.
    • If aisles are blocked or neighbouring exhibitors complain, EAGE Events BV reserves the right to interrupt or impose time restrictions on demonstrations etc.

    Construction and/or Dismantling during Exhibition Period

    No constructive and/or dismantling work on stands or interiors will be permitted during the exhibition period from Sunday, 18 September 2022, 19:30hrs to Wednesday, 21 September 2022, 15:45hrs

    Exhibitors may dismantle their stand between 15:45 - 17:30hrs on Wednesday, 21 September 2022. At the end of the dismantling period, the stand space should be left clean and free of adhesive tape

    Technical Information Construction


    The installation of electrical work by any person other than Milos Messe is expressly prohibited. No person other than a member of the contractor's staff may alter, or otherwise interfere with electrical installations. All wiring must comply with regulations as defined by Crowne Plaza Hotel.

    Participants are not permitted to switch a neighbouring stand’s power on and/or off. 

    Electricity is NOT provided 24 hours a day. Electricity will be switched on in advance of the start of the show and shut down after the show.

    Construction Height

    • General construction height of shell scheme stands is 2.50 meters
    • No other feature or exhibit elsewhere on the stands may exceed this height.

    Delivery of Goods

    Neither EAGE nor Crowne Plaza Hotel are responsible for delivery of goods. Please contact Meritex International Ltd for more information. 

    We would strongly recommend against exhibitors trying to send shipments direct to the venue, as they are liable to be rejected prior to the build-up period.

    The exhibitor will be responsible for the orderly conduct of deliveries and removals as well as the organisation of construction and dismantling in the exhibition hall, the loading and unloading area, as well as on the public highway.

    The delivery and removal of exhibition goods will take place via the indicated  entrances and exits of the exhibition hall located alongside the loading and unloading area.

    Delivery of Goods by Car

    Offloading can be done at one of the side entrances of the exhibition. Please inform the EAGE Exhibition Team if you wish to offload materials.