Programme Details

Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2022 offers companies and institutes the opportunity to demonstrate their products and services to a focused audience through the field demonstration programme. 

Find out more about the various field demonstration that these participating companies will be showcasing!

All delegates are invited to have a look at the special exhibits presented to you by our exhibitors in an informal setting.

Date:Tuesday, 20 September
Time:15:20 - 17:00 hrs
Location:In front of the venue main entrance (by the grass patches)

List of Companies

Aarhus Geoinstruments


Come stop by at GEODEVICE field demo spot. We will show you MaxiMag and SmartMag – great examples of our recently updated land magnetometers product range. These are the World's most advanced and portable magnetometers based on the Overhauser effect.

MaxiMag is designed to measure magnetic field with high sensitivity and absolute accuracy. MaxiMag can be used as a field magnetometer, two- or multi-sensor gradiometer, base station, or observatory magnetometer. MaxiMag console is fully compatible with SmartMag digital magnetometers and recognizes them as standard digital Overhauser sensors.

SmartMag can be used as an observatory magnetometer, basestation, or as part of a multi-sensor gradiometer with MaxiMag console or CAN-Ethernet interface unit.

We will also demonstrate FastSnap in action. It is a multichannel automatically-controlled telemetry complex that ensures TEM/TDEM, frequency sounding, induced polarization and direct current techniques. The system is by far the most advanced in its class offering the highest technical specifications and most comprehensive software package.

About Geodevice

GEODEVICE develops, manufactures, supplies equipment & software for geophysical surveys on land, at sea, in boreholes and on rock samples. The key areas of our own developments are HR and UHR marine seismic, borehole seismic, DC & AC electrical prospecting, magnetic, and gamma radiation detection. We focus on technologies for studying the upper part of the section, surveying engineering structures, geotechnical monitoring and geophysical support for archaeological and environmental surveys. Some of our products such as magnetometers can also be used for deep studies in the framework of exploration for solid minerals, oil & gas, search for geothermal sources and regional studies. The equipment we supply operates on all continents, including Antarctica. Offices in many countries and ever-growing global representative’s network provide sales and worldwide service and support for our products. Production facilities allow to perform almost all the necessary stages of product manufacturing.






Geonics Limited will demonstrate the new EM38=4, a ground conductivity meter with four receive coils.  The EM38-4 measures changes in conductivity from surface to 1.5m depth and includes software for real-time and post-processed layered earth inversion of the data.


Incorporated in 1962, Geonics Limited is a world leader in the research and development of electromagnetic (EM) geophysical instrumentation. The EM38-MK2 Ground Conductivity Meter, now joined by the new 4-coil EM38-4, has become a highly sought tool of precision agriculture. The EM31-MK2 and the new 8-coil EM31-8 are essentials for environmental and geotechnical site characterization, while the EM34-3 is an invaluable aid to shallow geological mapping for groundwater and other applications and for mapping saltwater intrusion in coastal areas. The EM61 line of metal detectors for UXO and geotechnical surveys now includes the EM61-MK2 cart-mounted unit, the EM61-LX2 person-carried system for difficult areas or small, shallow targets, and with a filter to remove the response to highly magnetic soils, and now the drone-supported EM61-Lite. For rapid coverage of large areas, the EM63Flex Array includes a high-power transmitter and measures full off-time response from up to four coils. The PROTEM and G-TEM time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) systems are exceptional for mineral exploration and for high-resolution resistivity sounding to depths from 5m to 1500m. Based just outside of Toronto, Canada, Geonics Limited has developed a well-deserved reputation for high-quality products and unsurpassed customer service.

ImpulseRadar Sweden AB

CrossOver 4080 GPR is a system comes as a true-dual frequency antenna (400 MHz and 800 MHz) with inbuilt control electronics and GPS-modules. The systems are controlled via Android-pads over a wireless link. It is based on real-time-technology which gives excellent depth penetration and bandwidth. Low power consumption gives 7 hours operational time, on one battery.

About ImpulseRadar Sweden AB

ImpulseRadar is a Swedish based company focused on development, production and distribution of user-friendly high performance, Ultra-Wide-Band instruments for subsurface and wall-scanning applications. 

ImpulseRadar develops and builds ground penetrating radar (GPR) instruments and related software that enable people and organizations to investigate and map subsurface features and structure.

Loupe Geophysics

The Loupe system is a unique mobile TEM instrument which takes advantage of developments in electronics and signal processing. It is designed for safe and productive operation for a range of near-surface conductivity-mapping applications.

This system provides high quality, high spatial resolution EM data, enabling mapping of conductivity variations from the near-surface to around 25 metres depth.

Unlike other time domain instruments Loupe is designed to be used in continuous operation while the operators are walking. The backpacks are designed for safe use by field-fit operators for day long data collection.

With a range of user selectable values, the system’s survey specifications can be tuned to the prevailing ground conductivity conditions.

The combination of the fast transmitter switch-off, sensor bandwidth and the 500kHz sampling of the secondary field provides data suitable for mapping very near surface conductivity variations.

About Loupe Geophysics

Loupe Geophysics brings together Andrew Duncan, a specialist in developing new time domain electromagnetic equipment and Greg Street a specialist in application of geophysical methods to near surface problems.  Loupe Geophysics has developed a new back-pack mounted instrument to map conductivity to a depth of 25 metres while the operators are walking.