4th Conference on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining

Following the EAGE Conferences on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining in Barcelona, 2016, and in Porto, 2018, the third conference held virtually in 2020, we are very much looking forward to meeting again in-person in Belgrade, in 2022.

Recent advances, trending topics, and novel geophysical methods in mineral exploration and mining will be presented by invited researchers from academia, industry, and government organizations. New major discoveries of base metals and REE are required for the green technologies needed to meet the target of Net Zero By 2050. These future discoveries will be located undercover, in remote areas, and so will present significant exploration challenges. Geophysics will play a major and expanding role in this crucial quest for mineral reserves.

The modern-day challenges of exploration require developing novel geophysical techniques, which improve exploration success and lead to new discoveries. The Fourth Conference invites papers which focus on emerging geophysical techniques for mineral exploration, novel interpretation methods, including joint inversion of multiphysics data, and challenging case studies. We encourage contributions from all over the world, especially those with a European focus and application.

Scientific Committee

Musa Manzi (Chair)University of Witwatersrand
Chris Nind (Co-chair)Abitibi Geophysics
George ApostolopoulosNational Technical University of Athens
Esben AukenGEUS
Elizabeth BaranyiSeequent
Joe Cucuzzaindustryc2l
Ashley GrantBHP
Suvi HeinonenGeological Survey of Finland
Ian JamesTerraspect
Jean LegaultGeotech
Lindsay LinzerUniversity of Witwatersrand
Alireza MalehmirUppsala University
Frederic MoinetGeoLinks
Heather SchijnsBHP
Adam ThomasCGG
Ioannis TsitosGoldsource Mines Inc.
Milovan UrosevicCurtin University
Michael ZhdanovUniversity of Utah/ TechnoImaging