How to Prepare Your Presentation

All on-site presenters are expected to give a live oral or poster presentation.

If you are not allowed to travel or attend the conference in-person and you have an oral presentation, you can present live online or submit a pre-recorded video presentation. A video allows you to present your work without worrying about time limitations, connectivity or other online issues.

Important information for POSTER presenters

Due to the poster session set-up, poster presentations are only organised as in-person sessions. Online poster presentations are not supported.

If you cannot attend the conference in Belgrade in-person and you have a poster presentation, please send an email to to discuss a suitable solution. Please keep the Presentation Cancellation Policy in mind.

Presentation Templates

Oral presentations

Poster presentations

  • Event logo to insert on your poster presentation (see details on the format below)

Technical Discussion

An integral part of a technical presentation is the technical discussion at the end of the presentation. The author should be prepared and able to discuss their paper with their peers in the audience during the last 5 minutes of the time slot. The discussion will be facilitated by the session chair.

If a speaker is not able to come to the event to present their own paper, they may be represented by one of their co-authors. Again, to enable a meaningful technical discussion, the alternate speaker should be familiar with the presented work and its background.

If the alternate speaker is not familiar with the work and this becomes clear in the discussion, this could lead to rejection of future papers at EAGE events by both the original and the alternate speaker.

Learn from the experts!

Joining the EAGE NSG as a presenter is a great way to share your research, connect with professionals from around the world, and more. Watch the videos for tips and tricks on your presentation.

How to Present to a Live Audience?

We have a series of videos focusing exactly on this!

EAGE experts shared things to avoid and things to remember when preparing for your next presentation. Watch the teaser (right) or watch the complete videos via the buttons below.

How to present to a live audience - all videos

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