Innovation on exploration and exploitation of geothermal energy 

Workshop 5
5 June 2022
Room A
Conveners: Álvaro Arnáiz Giménez-Coral (Repsol)
Juanjo José Ledo (University of Barcelona) 
Ignacio Marzan (Geological and Mining Institute of Spain)

Workshop Description

We seek innovations in the topic of medium and high enthalpy geothermal energy with the power to fuel ideas and debates. In order to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences, the sessions will take the form of interactive workshops. Presenters are invited to share their latest innovative developments or singular case studies that can spark rewarding questions and discussion. Presentations should be short and inspiring, followed by time for questions and discussion as time allows. You are also encouraged to bring posters that can be presented in a dedicated session. Some of the topics we want to discuss are advances in modeling, exploration, and exploitation of geothermal resources for electricity production or for direct use in district heating systems, greenhouses, industrial processes, or hybrid systems. If you have contributions for this playground, we invite you to look for an original format that provokes the audience. The workshop will end with a round table of experts to discuss the advances presented and the potential of geothermal energy in the energy paradigm.

Workshop Programme

09:30Welcome and openings
9:40The importance of structural complexity in locations of geothermal systems: a case of study in the Catalan Coastal Ranges (NE Spain)  G. Mitjanas (Barcelona UNIV)
10:00The thermal lithosphere of the Iberian Peninsula and perspectives for geothermal energy M. Torne (GEO3BCN & IGME)
10:20Worldwide geothermal exploration evolution, The next steps? New players? Geothermal decade?  A. Robertson (Geothermex)
10:40Ambient noise tomography for geothermal exploration: The case study of La Palma island I. Cabrera-Pérez (Involcán)
11:00A Research Project De-risking Ireland's Geothermal Potential. E. Chambers (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
Coffee Break
11:40Geophysical techniques for Geothermal Exploration  S. Hallinan (CGG)
Complexity to clarity in Geothermal exploration: A history of digitalisation and innovation O. Ward (Seequent, a Bentley Company)
12:20Geofacets and the race to Net-Zero : Geothermal Energy, the Energy that keeps on Giving !! Elsevier
12:40Leveraging oil and gas industry technology to create the world’s first truly scalable form of geothermal energy. W Kool (EAVOR)
13:00General discussion
13:40Workshop Ends 

* Presenter

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