Guide to the Online Exhibition

EAGE is always looking for the best way to connect companies and delegates from around the world. This year we are excited to introduce you to our Hybrid Exhibition. The online company displays will be accessible for everyone, at no charge.

Online Company Display

Standard Package | Free of charge for all physical exhibitors and sponsors*

  • Complimentary online company display accessible from the online event floor plan
  • Access to online environment using hybrid registrations**

*Any physical exhibitors unable to attend in Bordeaux due to travel restrictions, can still receive an online company display.  
**All physical registration passes are also usable for access to the online event platform. 

How to Upload Your Content:

With our upgraded platform you can now engage and network with attendees on 1-1 and group meetings, increase brand awareness, build relationships, and expand your reach in your target audience. 

By participating with an Online Company Display, you will have a dedicated "Sponsor Room" accessible via the virtual lobby. In your sponsor room, you can build and manage your online environment entirely yourself. Please note that in line with the event platform, we will refer to the online profile as “Sponsor”. 

There are several things you can do with your Online Company Display:

  1. Manage your “Sponsor Profile” with essential company information

  2. Add basic content and choose between live streaming and pre-recorded video

    • Basic content such as: company bio, images, hyperlinks, videos, pdf downloadable files

    • Live streaming

    • Pre-recorded video

  3. Upload pre-recorded videos

    • Upload a video for attendees to watch on-demand.

    • Communicate through chat.

    • Upload files for attendees to download.

    • Use the people tab to ask an attendee to go to a private or public meeting room.

  4. Live streaming (through your control room)

    • Device configuration

    • Present up to 17 people on camera.

    • Adjust the layout of the live stream video screen.

    • Share screen, pdf presentations, and videos.

    • Invite viewers to talk on-screen via their webcam and microphone. 

    • Communicate through video or chat.

    • Upload files for attendees to download.

    • Use the people tab to ask an attendee to go to a private or public meeting room.

    • Chat with attendees

  5. Invite others to speak in your Online Room

  6. Display your own online environment through embedded external links 

Step-by-Step Guide:

Below are some step-by-step instructions of the above actions for administering your Online Company Display.

Before you start

It is important for you to get familiarised with the Virtual Lobby and ensure your computer meets all the requirements of the platform. Before you go ahead, please make sure to check the Top 5 troubleshooting tips, including system checks and compatible browsers.

How can I access the Virtual Lobby?

By participating with an Online Company Display, you will need to nominate a Room Host. This person will be able to access the Virtual Lobby by receiving an email with a unique and non-transferable link. The Host will be responsible for adding all content to your Online Company Display.

Step 1: Sponsor Profile

You can go to “My Account” inside the Virtual Lobby and you will see a “Sponsor Profile” button.

Virtual lobby > My account > Sponsor profile

By clicking on the "Edit" button, you will be able to edit: company name, logo, Virtual Room cover, telephone, email, website, bio, and tags.

Step 2: Choose between live streaming and pre-recorded video

A: Turn on pre-recorded content

You can find your Online Room via the Exhibition tab in the Virtual Lobby. In your Online Room, you will have two options: Pre-recorded and Live Streaming.

Inside the room, you will be able to switch from Pre-recorded to Control Room (live streaming). In case you have decided to have pre-recorded content but want to switch to a live stream session, you can click on the button on the top part of the virtual room and the platform will automatically ask for you to share your microphone and camera to start the streaming.

Or in case you want to do the other way around, your attendees will receive a brief message saying that the live content has changed, and then the session will resume.

Click on the cogwheel next to the switch you can add/update details from your company and also change the pre-recorded content by choosing the provider and adding the link.

All the information added here will be available to all attendees within the virtual room at the bottom of the page. By clicking on the Read More button the info will expand and be displayed on a pop-up window.

B: Live Streaming in your Online Room

Whenever you join your Online Room, the image on the left is what you will see when joining as a viewer. If you have decided to stream content, whenever you join the room the platform will ask for access to your microphone and camera as shown in the image on the right.



C: Device Configuration

At the bottom of the page, you should see the four buttons shown below:

  • Mute: you should click here to enable or disable your microphone

  • Enable: you should click here to enable or disable your camera

  • Start sharing: you should click here to screen share. Click here to learn how to share slide presentations in the Virtual Lobby

  • Settings: you should click here to configure your device

If you are using Control Room you are going to be responsible for choosing the layout of the streaming. We recommend setting the layout to Automatic, so it will switch between Space Between and Focus Mixed. When the speakers are not screen sharing, the layout displayed will be Space Between. If the speakers are screen sharing, the layout displayed will be Focus Mixed.

Step 3: Inviting people to speak

If you want to interact more with the attendees of the event, you can also invite them to speak at your Virtual Room. To learn how to do that, click here.

Step 4: Embed external links

In case you do not want to have a predefined Online Room, you can link your website or other links to the sponsor room image displayed on the Virtual Lobby. Once a user clicks on it, a new tab will direct to the chosen URL address. To set a website as your Virtual Room destination, select the External Link video mode and add its URL to the External Link field. As always, when finished, click the End button on the top right corner of the screen to save the changes.

Most common error messages

If you experience any issues within the platform, these are the general messages you may encounter:

  • You were disconnected from the event – you are no longer a participant of the event.

  • You just connected on a different device – this device will be disconnected now – your unique link has been shared.

  • See a blank page with no messages displayed – you may need to clear caches and cookies from your browser. To test this, you can copy the URL and paste it into a different browser.

  • Live content changed - While this is not an error message, if an admin or a sponsor with access to the feature changes the content from live stream to pre-recorded or vice versa, you will see this message and be reconnected. Don't worry, no action is needed and the session will resume shortly.